We Are Creative Nerds

Having concepts bubbling in your minds?? In search of a guardian angel to shape them into reality??? Worry not! we are here.We are the Nerds with not just creepy spectacles on their nose but with the creative and innovative brains to help you out. Approach us with your stuffs and we will enliven them with our parental approach.

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Design and Engineering

Our gray haired geeks sorry!! (Experienced ones) mould the eye catching designs with their development approach to produce the applications and websites. We specialize in engineering web and mobile applications, from beautiful UIs to powerful backends.

Strategy and Notions

Rejigging a scheme to a first-rated product requires more than just technical expertise. Working closely with the clients to deliver them with their expected functionality and quality is the strtegy we rely upon. Building a well documented and precise roapmap is the ingredient that we follow on.

ToolBox and Gears

Emphasizing to accumulate the latest techniques and tools for our development mechanism is the thing that we do at our crib. We always put the new technologies and development modes into use to result with world class applications and websites.


We make your wings fly

Android Development

Our Android developer team is proficient in building user-centric android applications, rigorously testing on a simulator, and porting to various mobile devices. We excel in providing end to end android application development services tailored to your business needs to help you with a rich, user-centric consumer app that empowers your business and maximizes profit.

iOS Development

Here at our crib, we understand that iPhone app development is not all about the company, designers or App Store. It is all about the target audience. So, your app should be user-centric and market-centric, both. For getting a successful iPhone app developed, your mobile app development partner must be capable of serving all your business requirements. And, for that, you need to have a bug-free app packed with excellent functionality along-with the seamless design. That is where we excel.

Web Development

Manifesting the utter creativeness and clear look of the ideology and vision of a company or an organization is through a website. The main part is to follow the trends and keep the website updated all the time. We expertise in creative tailoring of your concepts. We strive to deliver designs and functionality up to the best of our abilities and showcase to the world in the form of DYNAMIC WEBSITE, CORPORATE WEBSITE, BLOGGING WEBSITE as well as CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT FRAMEWORKS/CMS.

Happy Clients

Our clients are contented with our way of approach leading to very well oriented and creative results. Since we adhere to the professional approach to our work, our clients rely upon us to produce quality products. Our collaboration and seeking client's worthy advices during every phase of their projects help us to come up with the clear overview of the services.

About Our Company

At our crib we weave your dreams and craft into awe-inspiring applications and websites. Combination of finest technical craftsmanship with elegant design and clear-cut planning helps us to ship innovative mobility as well as website experiences.